This year (2017) we have breeding groups of :

  • Red
  • Buff
  • Silver
  • Coronation / Light Sussex
  • Speckled
  • Gold (like silver but gold ruff rather than white)

We are also trying to develop some new colours and hatched a few blue/lavender girls last year that sold really quickly and are hoping for more this year. They are a cross between silver and coronation with the coronation dilution gene effecting the black body rather than just the ruff and tail.

Each group has a 4 x 4 metre grass pen to roam in as we find fertility and egg quality is better if they have space and grass.  Due to the Avian flu restrictions all pens have had to have netting roofs attached and I am sorry but until the restrictions are lifted we need to restrict visitors to the pens to people who have pre-ordered hens. The chicks are inside so can be visited to choose!

We also supply hatching eggs and have had 90% hatch rates in the past. Eggs are 50p each and we prefer hatching eggs to be collected but could post subject to the usual caveats that this may affect hatch rates.

The chicks are raised under 'electric hen' brooders (though we also often have chicks hatched and raised by one of our real hens :) They need heat for about 6 weeks and then can go into an outside run. Sussex bantams are not easy to sex as chicks but we normally have some indication by 6 weeks old and by 10 weeks can spot all but very late developing cocks.

2017 hatched Sussex bantam chicks now available! a range of ages and colours to choose from more hatching every 10 days

we also have a small number of 2016 hatched POL Sussex bantam hens

email or ring 07970 859384 for details of current availability. 

Prices start from £3 each for chicks on heat to £18 for POL

Barby Rare Breeds